So beautiful Brian. You're such a talented man.... Xx

Susan Campbell

Ooooo, I want's gorgeous....

Su Kinver

Well...well you are a very clever and talented bunny!! Amazing work and how stunning.

Elaine Curno

Only a person with a beautiful heart could create such beauty... xx

Susan Campbell

Wow .....

Mike Stratton

Beautiful work Brian. The colours of the glass and the wood just so harmonious... xx

Susan Campbell

Citadel- Wood Sculpture Citadel-lead glass wood sculpture Solis-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture Citadel- Wood Sculpture Citadel- Wood Sculpture Citadel-lead glass wood sculpture Citadel- Wood Sculpture

Really love these Brian xx

Berenice Pilcher

That is stunning, I want one

Julie Gregory

Absolutely stunning clever sod! !!!!

Elaine Curno

Very impressive Brian, the dark wood ones are really attractive, well done.

Irene Tilke


Lisa Grainger


Claire Louise Jones

Are these for sale, there really beautiful. i,m interested in buying one

Gina Farrell

That is stunning, I want one

Julie Gregory

Nice work Bri.

Tony King


Julie Gregory


Lisa Grainger

That is a beautiful item with talented craftmanship!

Pam Watson

Amazing xxx

Tony King


Alison Draycott

That is beautiful Bri, LOVE the heart x

Julie Gregory

They are so beautiful

Jenni Tregenna

Looks big enough to go the sculpture route. If my perception of the size is correct. Love your work!

K M Howard

These are all beautiful Brian xxx

Lisa Mathews

I love, love, love this xx

Lynn Davis

Omg tears of joy I love it xx Bri it’s amazing.  thank you she is perfect x

Sue Picot

Beautiful, just beautiful :-)

Mic Armstrong

You should be proud its beautiful x

Alison Hackwell

Thank you so much Brian Trudeau, we love our lamp 😍 x

Julie Gregory

She's beautiful and I feel quite honoured to be her custodian ☺️

Tess Pugh

Amazing work as always Brian. Absolutely love it...👍

Elaine Curno

Really Lovely Brian x

Anna Edge

I just can't get over she's mine she's gorgeous. I'm so happy with her  😊….Vidi

Emma Rymill

Putting your heart and soul into creating something beautiful!

Pamela Millar

We have just opened the parcel and have her out now.

She is absolutely stunning 💕

Donna Bruce

 Absolutely stunning!!!! It’s taken us a while but worth the wait. Thank you so much. Louise - Collosaeus

Louise Johnson

Amazing  piece of art Brian,  you are very talented. Thank you 😊💕

Donna Bruce

 It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Ciara Jane

Beautiful, just beautiful :-)

Mic Armstrong

I love these. Position them right for the sun and wow, what a garden!

Shae Brecon

Fantastic work! I will own a piece one day! Xx

Kharis Harvey

Thank you Brian, I can’t wait to receive her. She’s beautiful 🙂 - Equus

Naomi Cars

From Buyers

Absolutely stunning!!!! It’s taken us a while but worth the wait. Thank you so much….Louise  Colosaeus

Louise Johnson

She's beautiful ☺ I absolutely love her :)      Dulcedo

Tess Pugh

 Omg tears of joy. I love it xx    Bri it’s amazing. thank you, she is perfect

Sue Picot

It arrived yesterday - Thank you so much - such a beautiful piece!  Jessica


They said:

Wow Brian it’s amazing ♥️ cannot tell you how happy we are thank you so much 😊 xxx – Obsidian

Jackie Fury

Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Oh I'm so excited. Katie will absolutely fall in love with it…. Thronus

Ross Allan

She's beautiful I really love it thank you so much what a stunning piece �….. Vidi

Emma Rymill

Amazing craftsmanship and quality of workmanship.  Simply outstanding.

Dom Kelly

Wow the pics don’t do these beautiful sculptures justice!! A stunning piece

Kirsty McNichol

Your work is amazing and I really want to buy myself one…

Dianna Malone

Beautiful💙💜💛💚💖 ?

Teresa Watkins

What others have said…

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