Stained-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture


Solis-Stained Lead Glass Wood SculptureSolis-Stained Lead Glass Wood SculptureSolis-Stained Lead Glass Wood SculpturePictis-Stained Lead Glass Wood SculptureThe Kraken Wakes-wood sculptureThe Witches-wood sculpturePictis-Stained Lead Glass Wood Art Sculpture


The Dancers - SOLD

Stained Lead Glass Art wood sculpture The Dancers-Wood Sculpture -Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture

The Witches -SOLD

Tree Spirit-wood sculpture

Tree Spirit  

Tree-of-Life Coffee Table Lamp N/A

Sculptural Wood Table

Sculptural Wood Table -Not available

My stained glass and wood sculptures are my newest line
Some are intended to be displayed indoors, (usually the smaller ones) preferably on a shelf or somewhere they can catch the sunlight.

The others are intended for outside display. They`re usually larger, are given a different treatment, and come with a larger, heavier base, together with posts to help secure them in the garden…They come mounted on a heavy steel base.

The carriage price quoted, is for the UK only. Please contact me for a carriage price before ordering for outside the UK .
Please remember these are unique pieces, when they`re gone, they`re gone…

One-off, conversation piece creations...

Solis-Stained Glass Wood Sculpture

Symmetria -£300 +£25 carriage

I`m also happy to undertake commissions if you have something in mind. Email or call me and we`ll discuss what you`re thinking of, and I can let you know if it`s feasible, and we can discuss woods, and the type of design you`d like. I`ll then get back to you with a price…

Phantom of the Opera-wood sculpture Africa-wood sculpture

Africa - Not Available

Phantom of the Opera  - £295 + 15.00 Carriage

Solis--Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture

Solis-Hannafore Light

Tree-of-Life  Wood Sculpture

Tree-of Life -Not for sale

Tree-of-Life Table Lamp Wood Sculpture

Tree -of -Life Table Lamp - SOLD

Pictis--Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture


Solis -Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture Solis--Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture Solis--Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture Critter-wood sculpture

Critter - SOLD

Tree-of-Life Coffee Table Lamp Wood Sculpture

Bogwood Lamp - SOLD

Bogwood Lamp Wood Sculpture

The Kiss - SOLD

The Kiss Wood Sculpture Oberons Harp-wood sculpture

Oberons Harp

Brontosaurus Wood Sculpture


Solis-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture

I have quite a few wood sculptures and lead glass wood sculptures nearing completion…  I`ll be posting them here as soon as they`re complete …

Bogwood Lamp with hand-made paper shade Tree -of-Life Standard Lamp with hand-made paper shade

The standard lamp on the right was bought by Edward Woodward and Michelle Dotrice, of `The Wicker Man` and `Some mothers do ave em` fame respectively…

Bogwood Lamp - SOLD

Tree -of -Life Standard Lamp - SOLD

The Citadel-Wood Sculpture

All the shades, are hand-made, from hand-made paper made from banana leaves, hemp,  jute, and other materials. Like the lamps, and wood sculptures, no two are the same…

The Citadel - SOLD

£125.00 + £7.50 carriage

£75.00 + £7.50 carriage

£95.00 + £7.50 carriage

Prices for the Stained Glass Sculptures, the Lamps and the Wood Sculptures vary depending on the size of the piece, and the time taken to create it. The Lamps typically go from £75 -£195, the Lead Glass from £95-£550, and the Sculptures £35-£500 as a general guide…


£425.00+ £30 Carriage

£195.00+ £15 Carriage


£349.00+ £15 Carriage


NB. Price includes Carriage for the UK only
Please email me for details for elsewhere

£349.00+ £15 Carriage

Obeliskus--Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture


£349.00+ £15 Carriage

Bogwood Lamp £95.00 + £8.00 carriage

Obeliskus-Stained Lead Glass Wood Art Sculpture






£315.00+ £15 Carriage


-Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture Mea--Stained Glass & Wood Art Sculpture


£155.00+ £10 Carriage


£315.00+ £15 Carriage


Brittania-£155 +£10 carriage


Excubitor -£500 + £50 carriage



Speculo £385.00 + £15.00 Carriage




Excubitor £500 + £50 carriage

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