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I`m also happy to undertake commissions if you have something in mind. Email or call me and we`ll discuss what you`re thinking of, and I can let you know if it`s feasible, and we can discuss woods, and the type of design you`d like. I`ll then get back to you with a price…

£349.00+ £15 Carriage


Obeliskus  is the tallest so far in my new range of Lead-Glass-Wood Sculptures. It`s made from a stunning piece of figured hardwood.

 It`s dimensions are  44” T  x 6” W  x 1  1/2” W  It`s intended to be fixed in a garden setting outside,  to get the best effect of the light shining through the different coloured panes, using the 4 x rebar steel posts that it comes with, though it could also be placed indoors, as long as it`s not near a heat source…

Please contact me for a carriage price before ordering for outside the UK . Thankyou

Please remember these are unique pieces, when they`re gone, they`re gone…

One-off, conversation piece creations...

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