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This is my new range of Stained-Glass-Wood Sculptures. They`re made from hardwoods specially chosen for their heavily figured appearance.  

Prices will range from £125-£750.     The smaller ones are intended to be displayed indoors, (although they could be placed outside) preferably on a shelf or somewhere they can catch the sunlight. They come mounted on a heavy steel base. The larger ones can be placed indoors or out, and come with posts for securing them into the ground…
The carriage price quoted, is for the UK only. Please contact me for a carriage price before ordering from outside the UK .

Please remember these are unique pieces, when they`re gone, they`re gone…

One-off, conversation piece creations...

Mea-Lead Glass Wood SculptureSolis-Afternoon LightPinnaculum Stained Glass and Wood Sculpture

Please Note: the quoted delivery prices applies to the UK Mainland only. Further charges may apply for N. Ireland or any Islands.
Please contact me before placing an order.. Thankyou

Abucco-Stained Glass Wood Sculpture Obeliscus-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture  Stained Glass and Wood Sculpture Scala-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture Grattacielo Stained Glass and Wood Sculpture Pinnaculum art stained lead glass wood sculpture Scalaria-Lead Glass-wood sculpture Solis-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture Caeruleum-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture Lead Glass Wood Sculpture Stained Glass Wod Sculpture Cessatio-Stained Glass Wod Sculpture Solis-Lead Glass Wood Sculpture Stained Glass Wod Sculpture Men-an-Tol Wood & Glass Sculptures

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