Bogwood, and Tree of Life Table, Coffee Table and Standard Lamps...

Tree-of Life -Not for sale

Bogwood Lamp - SOLD

Bogwood Lamp Wood Sculpture

The standard lamp on the right was bought by Edward Woodward and Michelle Dotrice, of `The wicker man` and `Some mothers do ave em` fame respectively…

All my Tree of Life Lamps are hand-made, and consequently, each is unique. The Tree of Life Lamps typically feature an upright mounted to a hardwood plinth base, with between 5 and 9 ‘critters’ grafted on to suggest animal forms. I like to think of it as `impressionist` wood sculpture… Depending on the type of lamp being made, a hardwood mahogany plinth is  cut, or a suitable bogwood base prepared, and the lamp upright is then attached to it… The main structural piece of wood providing the main form is then shaped, sanded and finished in a stain or wax finish, and grafted onto the base. Finally, several additional pieces of wood ( or `critters`) are cut and shaped to suggest animal forms , and grafted onto the main piece…

All the shades, are hand-made by me, from hand-made paper made from banana leaves, hemp,  jute, and other materials.  Like the lamps, no two are the same… I`m currently building 3 lamps while I source new suppliers of the materials for the hand made shades… I`ll post pictures as soon as I have them…  It`s also sometimes possible to supply them with different shaped lamp-shades if required…

Tree-of-Life Table Lamp Wood Sculpture

Tree -of -Life Standard Lamp - SOLD

Bogwood Lamp with hand-made paper shade

Bogwood Lamp - SOLD

Bogwood Lamp - SOLD

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